Temporary Fence Clamp

Full range of Fence clamp

50mm center distance temporary fence clips

Center distance of clamp 50mm thickness is 4.00mm fully hot-dipped galvanized suit OD32 OD40mm 42mm post temporary fencing panels

75mm center distance temp fence clamp

Hot dipped Galvanized 75mm center distance clamp thickness 4.00mm suit OD32 OD40mm OD42mm OD48mm wall thickness 42 microns minimum equal to 300gram/sqm

90mm center distance clamp

Hot dipped Galvanized clamp to suit temporary fencing panels and base center distance 90mm wall thickness of clamp are 4.00mm defection 0.05mm

100mm center distance temporary fencing clips

Suit OD32mm tubing temporary fencing clamp distance 100mm wall thickness 4.00mm, not 3.75mm or 3.80mm hot dipped galvanized 42 microns equal to 300 gram/sqm weight of clamp 0.42kg/pair

How to make a Temporary Fence Clamp
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